You can use our following technologies for your projects:

Plastic fabrication:

  • laser cutting
  • CNC mill-cutting
  • saw formatting
  • vacuum forming
  • cold and heat bending
  • die-cutting
  • gluing, incl. waterproof seals
  • brushing, and polishing of both flat and curved surfaces

Metal fabrication:

  • cutting of sheets, profiles, rods and other raw materials
  • laser cutting
  • shape sheet cutting
  • welding (TIG, MIG, WIG)
  • CNC bending
  • shaping of sheets, profiles and rods
  • other locksmithery operations
  • atypical production
  • surface treatment - powder coating, spray coating, zinc coating, sand blasting

Cardboard fabrication:

  • ofset and digital printing
  • die-cutting
  • laminating
  • gluing
  • raw cardboard production (packing)


  • ofset printing (paper, PVC foils)
  • digital printing (paper, PVC foils)
  • digital printing - flatbed (paper, PVC foils, plastic sheets, aluminium composite sheets)
  • serigraphy (plastic sheets, aluminium composite sheets)

In addition to the above technologies we have at our disposal area of 1000m2 for the final assembling, packing and warehousing.